Ageing eyelids

Excess upper eyelid skin overhanging and covering the eyelid crease
After upper eyelid blepharoplasty

Eye Bags (Lower Blepharoplasty)

Long-standing baggy eyelids in a young patient
After transconjunctival lower eyelid blephartoplasty

Droopy upper eyelid (Ptosis)

Droopy right upper eyelid obscuring the pupil
After ptosis correction
Mild left ptosis with asymmetrical eyelid crease and elevated left eyebrow
After ptosis surgery with a more symmetrical brow-lid position

Eyelid turning inwards (Entropion)

Lower eyelid entropion
Entropion correction restores the lid position

Eyelid turning outwards (Ectropion)

Severe left lower eyelid ectropion
After ectropion correction

Thyroid eye disease (Grave’s disease)

Bilateral proptosis with increased white (scleral) show in the lower eyelids
After orbital decompression
A staring appearance caused by upper eyelid retraction
After eyelid lowering surgery

Eyelid and Orbital Cancer

Basal cell carcinoma of the medial canthus
After tumour excision and reconstruction
Lower eye morpheoform basal cell carcinoma (BCC with poorly demarcated margins)
One month after total lower eyelid reconstruction
The entire tumour infiltrated lower eyelid had to be excised