The most common eyelid lump is a chalazion. This is a chronic inflammation (not an infection) of an eyelid oil gland that stimulates the formation of a surrounding cyst. It can cause a painful swelling and eyelid tenderness

This is a chronic inflammation of an eyelid oil gland (Chalazia) that stimulates the formation of a surrounding cyst
Chalazia are more common in the younger age groups

While a chalazion may shrink over several weeks and become painless, its core frequently remains intact. Sooner or later, the cyst flares up again and again and may gradually deform the eyelid and distort the eyelashes.


This condition can be treated with a minor surgical procedure to remove the contents of the original blocked gland (incision and curettage). Alternatively, Chalazia can be treated by a steroid injection into the affected part of the eyelid.

Both of these treatments generally achieve excellent results in getting rid of the chalazion. However if there is an underlying tendency for someone to develop further chalazia, this risk may be reduced by using preventative remedies.


Note: All treatment is preceded by a consultation and examination to establish the correct diagnosis.