The eyelid loses its normal adherence to the eye’s surface and sags outwards. The out-turned eyelid becomes red and inflamed.

Lower eyelid ectropion
Ectropion surgery restores the eyelid to its normal orientation

The supporting structure of the lower eyelid is similar to a hammock attached by two tendons to the bone on either side of the eye. The most common cause of Ectropion occurs when the eyelid support becomes stretched due to ageing or from trauma / surgery.


As the inner part of the eyelid sags outwards and loses the moisture from the eye’s surface, it is exposed and becomes irritated. It causes discomfort and watering and this can interfere with the adequate closure of the eyelids, which normally protect the surface of the eye.


Functional and cosmetic eyelid surgery tightens these stretched tendons and restores the normal appearance and function of the lower eyelid. This can usually be carried out under a local anaesthetic.


Note: All treatment is preceded by a consultation and examination to establish the correct diagnosis.