The dynamic balance of muscles in the eyelid becomes disturbed when the unstable eyelid rotates inwards with the eyelashes and abrades the eye.

Lower eyelid entropion
Entropion correction restores the lid position

This condition, like Ectropion, usually develops from a weakening of the eyelid support system. Having the eyelashes constantly rubbing against the cornea can cause severe pain. There is also a risk of corneal infection which may lead to damaged vision.


Corrective eyelid surgery, usually carried out under a local anaesthetic, rotates the lid margin back to a normal position by tightening and improving the stability of the eyelid. Entropion can also affect the upper eyelid, and to correct this it may be necessary to insert a tissue graft into the eyelid.


Note: All treatment is preceded by a consultation and examination to establish the correct diagnosis.